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Our Story

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The Benedictine Eye Hospital (BEH) is a private not for profit institution of the Benedictine Fathers of Tororo, offering Eye Care and Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) services to persons with disabilities and epilepsy.

Beginning as a one room eye clinic with only one optician on staff, the Benedictine Eye Hospital has grown into a full-fledged hospital with 30+ qualified staff. The BEH has the capability to execute over 3,500 eye surgeries a year, while also treating countless more patients with issues ranging from simple dry eyes to bilateral cataracts.

It was 1988 when Fr. John OSB saw the healthcare needs of the community in Tororo. Partnering with a German optician, Mr. Wolfgang Gindorfer, Fr. John OSB established a small eye clinic and dispensary on the grounds of Benedictine Monastery. Within 6 years (1994), the one room eye clinic was beginning the transition into a fully functional institution with the help a German non-profit agency known as, Christian Blind Mission (CBM).

In 1997, a new addition to the eye hospital was created to further increase the abilities of service towards the community. The Tororo Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Services (T.C.C.B.R.S.) was added to address other disabilities within the community, with a focus on children. Today, this department is known as Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).

In 2001, the Benedictine Eye Hospital (known as the Tororo Ophthalmic/Optic Center) had its first resident ophthalmologist join the staff to meet the ever growing needs of the community. With this addition, the hospital was able to carry out daily surgeries. In 2003, the Christian Blind Mission once again saw the need for expansion and in 2005, the construction of the new state of the art hospital began. In August of 2006, the upgrade to the Tororo Ophthalmic/Optic Center was complete and became registered under the new and current name, Benedictine Eye Hospital (BEH).

As of 2018, the Benedictine Eye Hospital (BEH) operates under the Benedictine Monastery in Tororo and is headed by hospital Director, Mr. Ronnie. The BEH currently has 3 resident ophthalmologists, 4 ophthalmic clinic officers, 14 nurses and 20+ staff in administrative and various other roles. The BEH strives to promote great eye health by providing affordable eye care to the Tororo community and the larger East African community.

The hospital functions in accordance with the National Hospital Policy of the Republic of Uganda, with technical guidance from the Uganda Catholic Medical bureau (UCMB), Tororo District Health Office, Local Government Authorities our partners in the health sector and our beneficiaries.

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