Here at the Benedictine Eye Hospital, we strive to be a regional leader in high quality eye care as well as comprehensive services for persons with disabilities. 

Our mission is to improve the social-economic status of society through the efficient management of preventable blindness and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) with a special emphasis towards children.

Our Objectives include:

  • To provide high quality, holistic and accessible eye care services

  • To increase and improve delivery of comprehensive Pediatric Ophthalmological Services

  • To provide high quality Low-Vision services

  • To rehabilitate and empower people living with disabilities

  • To promote awareness and prevention of blindness in Tororo district by involving the community in the identification and mobilization of eye patients

  • To ensure a competent and professional management team

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Our Core Values include:

  • God Fearing

  • Quality Service

  • Accessibility

  • Accountability

  • Hospitality

  • Assist Vulnerable Groups

  • Team Work

  • Partnership