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Help the Blind See and Other Disabilities Fund 

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), there are an estimated 253 million people suffering from visual impairment of some kind. Over 80% of those cases are curable or preventable but because 90% of the worlds visually impaired live in low socio-economic countries and communities, access to treatment is very limited.

In Uganda, there are an estimated 1.2 million people living with visual impairment and as many as 250,000 people completely blind. An extraordinary 57% of these blindness cases are caused by cataracts, making it the leading cause by a large margin. Cataracts, with modern eye care procedures, can be treated in as little as 15 minutes and yet so many still suffer from this debilitation.

At The Benedictine Eye Hospital (BEH), our skilled staff are capable of treating cataracts among many other optical ailments with great rates of success. Unfortunately, the cost of an eye surgery and other forms of vision restoration/conservation procedures are expensive worldwide, not excluding Uganda. In the surrounding area of the BEH, the issue persists at a larger rate due to the exceptionally low socio-economic status of the community and the people in it. This creates a substantial gap between the people in need of treatment and those who can afford it.

The BEH prides itself on providing affordable eye care for as many patients as possible and this is done through the contributions of our partners who help provide infrastructure, equipment, and consumables for eye care and other disability services. But even with our significantly reduced costs, there is a large portion of our clients - mainly the elderly, women and children – who still cannot afford treatment.

To combat this, the Benedictine Eye Hospital provides financial waivers that lower the costs further or often waive the cost entirely. This creates a difficult situation financially for the hospital.

Therefore, the purpose of the Help the Blind See and other Disabilities Fund for our stakeholders and well-wishers is to help the Benedictine Eye Hospital provide these vulnerable people with access to eye care and other disability services no matter their financial situation.


The Benedictine Eye Hospital and CBR Team

Please reach out to the following with any questions or to donate!

Lucy Achieng

Public Relations

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