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CBR Services

At the CBR, our highly trained staff is eager to help you and your child achieve a high quality of life despite their disability. Here at the CBR, we offer many services including: epilepsy treatment, corrective surgery referrals, provision of assistive devices, mobility & orientation training for blindness and more. 

Through our walk-in clinic open on Wednesday's or home visits with one of our trained staff, we strive to ensure quality care and rehabilitation plans no matter where you are. 

CBR Services Include:

  • Epilepsy treatment

  • Follow-up home visits for registered clients

  • Routine identification and assessments

  • Corrective surgeries for various disabilities

  • Provision of orthopaedic appliances, mobility and assistive devices

  • Inclusion/enrollment of children with disabilities into formal schools

  • Mobility and orientation training for persons with irreversible blindness

  • Disability prevention

  • Lobbying and advocacy for rights of children with disabilities

  • Formation and training of parent support groups

  • Small scale economic/livelihood support to families of children with disabilities.

  • Childhood disability training to formal institutions

Odoi Peter

Peter is a 3 year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. With only his grandmother to support him, she was struggling to generate the means to finance his medical needs. The CBR was able to provide the following sustainable Income Generating materials:






IGA Daniel 8.jpg

"Before CBR, it was just me supporting Peter. His cerebral palsy and epilepsy was worse than it had ever been and I found no hope for the future. With the help of the CBR team's medical and financial support, we've been able to manage and treat Peter's disabilities. It is through this support that I have become hopeful for what is to come."

- Mary Ochieng Nyatiama

 Grandmother to Peter

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